Oh my goodness. I had such a hard time choosing photos for this blog post.  There where just to many to choose from. Lurina and Rohan said their vows at the old Strooidakkerk in Paarl and the reception was held at the wonderful Val de Vie.

They really went all out. I stood in complete amazement at all the thought, detail, time and creativity that went into the wedding. Every flower arrangement was unique, Rohan made laser cutouts of their engagement photos, they had little bottles filled with toffee as gifts and every whimsical detail you can think off. And to top it all off, Lurina’s grandmother made her wedding dress, all the bridesmaids dresses, and the guy’s boutineers (I think that’s what’s it’s called, right?). And it was truly one of the most beautiful dresses I have seen, and so special.

07-val-de-vie-wedding03-val-de-vie-wedding02-val-de-vie-wedding04-val-de-vie-wedding05-val-de-vie-wedding06-val-de-vie-wedding  08-val-de-vie-wedding 09-val-de-vie-wedding 10-val-de-vie-wedding 12-val-de-vie-wedding 13-val-de-vie-wedding 15-val-de-vie-wedding 16-val-de-vie-wedding 17-val-de-vie-wedding 20-val-de-vie-wedding 22-val-de-vie-wedding 23-val-de-vie-wedding  28-val-de-vie-wedding 29-val-de-vie-wedding  31-val-de-vie-wedding 32-val-de-vie-wedding 33-val-de-vie-wedding 34-val-de-vie-wedding 35-val-de-vie-wedding 36-val-de-vie-wedding   41-val-de-vie-wedding 42-val-de-vie-wedding 43-val-de-vie-wedding 44-val-de-vie-wedding 45-val-de-vie-wedding 46-val-de-vie-wedding 47-val-de-vie-wedding 48-val-de-vie-wedding 49-val-de-vie-wedding 51-val-de-vie-wedding 52-val-de-vie-wedding 53-val-de-vie-wedding 54-val-de-vie-wedding 56-val-de-vie-wedding 57-val-de-vie-wedding 58-val-de-vie-wedding 59-val-de-vie-wedding 60-val-de-vie-wedding 61-val-de-vie-wedding 62-val-de-vie-wedding 63-val-de-vie-wedding 64-val-de-vie-wedding 65-val-de-vie-wedding 66-val-de-vie-wedding 67-val-de-vie-wedding 68-val-de-vie-wedding 69-val-de-vie-wedding 70-val-de-vie-wedding 71-val-de-vie-wedding 72-val-de-vie-wedding 73-val-de-vie-wedding 74-val-de-vie-wedding 75-val-de-vie-wedding 76-val-de-vie-wedding 77-val-de-vie-wedding   81-val-de-vie-wedding 82-val-de-vie-wedding 83-val-de-vie-wedding 84-val-de-vie-wedding 85-val-de-vie-wedding 86-val-de-vie-wedding 88-val-de-vie-wedding 89-val-de-vie-wedding 90-val-de-vie-wedding 91-val-de-vie-wedding  93-val-de-vie-wedding

13 Responses to Lurina & Rohan, Val de Vie

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  3. Absoluut fantasties!!! Die details is ongelooflik – maar met Lurina en Rohan se gekombineerde talente is ek glad nie verbaas nie! Mal oor die lazer cuts! En haar rok was ongelooflik. Amazing moments ge-capture!

  4. That is one kick ass dress! I can understand that you had difficulty choosing coz these images are all gorgeous! Lovely couple and I totally heart the cutouts!

  5. Annemari!
    what awesome work!! a lovely wedding beautifully captured! Love the gorgeous details too! Pity you’re so far away – would love to work with you!!!!

  6. i love the realness of your images.x

  7. Hannelie Orsmond

    Ek is stom geslaan deur hierdie ongelooflike mooi fotos. Dit was so ‘n spesiale troue en die fotos wys dit. Hulle is twee pragtige mense.

  8. AMAZING!!! Love everything about this wedding and these photos!

  9. Awesome foto’s van ‘n baie cool troue! Die cardboard cutouts van hulle is te cute. Dink ons gaan dit nou by sommer ‘n klomp troues sien. Ek is mal oor die horlosie foto in die kerk!

  10. Anton & Lizelle

    Wow! Weer ‘n stunning shoot. Baie mooi.

  11. Nelia

    WOW… these are gorgeous!

  12. Dee

    Oh man! These photos are stunning!

    I LOVE her dress, and i’m sure it makes it all the more special because her granny made it! WOW

  13. Nicola Pretorius

    Pragtige foto’s van `n pragtige troue!