I’m back in Norge after 5 weeks in South Africa shooting a few weddings. South Africa was wonderful. It was great to see family and friends again, and to just be on familiar ground.

When it became time to start packing to head back (always such a mission!), I realized I was really looking forward to be back in our little apartment on the hill. I was looking forward to Spring and the promise of Summer. So I was really taken aback when we got here and it was still snowing every day!

01-spring-snow-norway 02-spring-snow-norway I was really happy though that it was noticeably warmer and the days are much, much longer – yay! Sunrise is now at around 6am and it sets at around  just before 9pm. In just a few months we will have a full 5 hours of night time :) So although it was snowing, the snow was melting just as fast.03-gjovik-view-over-lake-spring-time 04-spring-in-gjovik-norwayI’m not sure what seagulls are doing in Gjøvik. We’re almost 250km from the sea.
06-spring-in-gjovik-norwayIn just a week almost all the snow has melted.07-spring-in-gjovik-norway And the first sign of new life! Spring is definitively here!08-spring-in-gjovik-norwayA soft, pink sunset.

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  1. Your black and white shots at the start are stunning.