The lovely Monica and Øystein got married in their home town of Stord. Stord is a small island along the west coast of Norway and a beautiful place. The landscape and vegetation is very different from here in Gjøvik and the view from the airplane window over the area really took my breath away. Even though it’s summer at the moment the surrounding mountains are still snow capped.

On the day of the wedding we had a bit of rain and heavy mist that hung low over the pine trees. This was my first Norwegian wedding, and leading up to the weekend I could feel the excitement and pre-wedding jitters pulling at my nerves. But I had no reason to worry because the day was just amazing. I even went to the after party (to take photos of course) which was held on the farm of a family friend in a cosy, little building called the pig house. Not sure if actually used to be a pig house?

Yep, I ended up shooting for 17 hours that day and I didn’t even feel all that tired. So excuse the huge blog post, but I kinda took a lot of photos. Also, there where something like 13 speeches, so lots of opportunity for cool shots.

I just want to say thank you again to Øystein and Monica and also to all your friends and family. I had a great time at the wedding and everyone was so friendly and helpful (I’m still working on my Norwegian) :)

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Makeup and hair: Åshild Lagerstrom
Wedding dress: Pronovias
Groom’s suit: Ricco Vero
Wedding rings: Jørund Design
Flowers & decor:  Kvist & Kvast
The awesome band: Endre Olsen
Videographer: Simeon Frohm


10 Responses to Norway wedding in Stord

  1. What a great set of images – the emotional images with the kids during the ceremony are my favorite!

  2. Pa en Ma

    Ons vestaan al hoe meer hoekom jy so baie troues op so ‘n kunstige manier in beeld sit. Dit is baie goed en ons is trots op jou.


  3. Bartlett Pair

    Love the feeling in each of these pics!

  4. martine

    jou fotos is awesome. dis net sooo anders, maar perfek! ek love dit om wanneer ek ‘n kansie kry, jou website te besoek en die latest shoots uit te check. ek is elke keer amazed! jou fotos is ‘n inspirasie vir enige beginner fotograaf!

  5. Incredible Annemari! I can foresee loads of Norwegian stunners coming to this space soon.

  6. YAY, Norway wedding! Baie cool Annemari.

  7. Awesome details and documentary style. Great work.